Q: What is your dress code? A: We enforce a very simple dress code, dress to impress! Don't wear anything gang or drug related. This isn't a school dance; don't show up with your shirt tucked in and a tie. Come to party!

No baggy clothing of any kind
No jerseys
No long t-shirts or school colors
No excessive amounts of jewelry
No bandanas, du rags, caps, hoodies
Nothing that supports gang attire
No jersey tank tops
Shoes must be worn at all times. Q: How much does it cost to get into a Epic Teen Night Event? All tickets can be purchased on the day of the event at the entrance or in advance on Event Brite. There will be 2 separate lines, REGULAR and VIP. Stand in the line of your choice. The VIP line gets in first and faster vs. the regular line. General Admission is typically $20 with the flyer or on a guest list until 9 30 PM and $25 after 9 PM or on No Guest List. VIP is typically an additional $10. Q: What are the benefits to VIP? Our VIP Customers receive Free Admission, Free VIP room Access, and free non alcoholic drinks all night. Q: What are the benefits to becoming a Promoter? Our Promoters receive Free Admission, Free VIP, Free Non alcoholic drinks at all of our club events. Q: Can I leave the club and come back in? A: We try and limit the in and outs to a bare minimum but if you must go to your car to grab an item or something, our security may allow it. It is up to the venue security whether or not they allow you out and back in again. Q: Is there security present? A: Yes! All venues we use employ the highest level of security. Upon entry all patrons will be subject to a friendly pat down. Many uniformed security guards are inside and monitoring the venue throughout the night. At some locations we may also hire Police. Q: Is Epic Teen Nights open every day? A: No, we are only open on dates specified on our front page/calendar.Typically we run about 12-18 events per year per City. Q: What time does Epic Teen Nights open? A: In most cases we open between 8:00 PM. Q: What time does Epic Teen Nights close? A: Usually around Midnight. Q: How old do I have to be to attend Glo Nightclub? A: You must be between the ages of 14-18 (High School) to attend. Check the flyer/event page for more information! Q: Do I need to bring ID? A: Yes! We need to prove your age! Please bring any sort of ID -- state ID, license, school ID, report card, copy of birth certificate, etc. Q: When will the pictures be up? A: Our photographers take pride in the pictures they take. Once the night is over they usually edit the photos and fix colors, levels, etc. Once completed they will send them to us and they will be up! It may take 1-3 days to get the pictures up. You can check our Face Book or Instagram pages. Q: How often do you have events? A: It depends on the location. Some are weekly during the Summer and some only for special events. Q: Is there any alcohol present at Epic Teen Nights? A: No alcohol is present & no alcohol is to be permitted inside the Venue under any circumstance. Q: No alcohol? What drinks can I buy at a Epic Teen Night? A: We have sodas, waters, and energy drinks! Q: Do you serve food? A:Typically No. Q: What type of music is played at Epic Teen Nights? A: Top 40, Hip Hop, Electronic, Dance, Mashups Q: Who's DJing? A: A: Check the flyer for the event's DJ. DJs change event to event. Q: How can I have my birthday at Epic Teen Nights? A: Contact us through our website for more information! Q: Can I wear a hat/cap? A: Sports team hats are not allowed! You can wear any other sort of hats like Hurley, Volcom, etc. Q: I am a Parent and want to go in the Nightclub before dropping my teenager off? A: Parents are welcome to come in and get a tour by a Manager to feel comfortable your Teenager is at a safe location.